Single item menu

Chilled tofu 500yen

Grilled miso-flavoured cod 750yen

Blowfish sashimi assortment (for oen person) 1,500yen

Miso glazed eggplant 500yen

Japanee pork cutlet 850yen

Sashimi assortment (for one person) 1,500yen〜

Deep fried tofu 500yen

Roast beef of Iki beef 1,500yen

Steak of Iki beef 2,500yen〜

Green tea rice with red snapper 1,500yen

Cutting squid alive to sashimi (for two person) 3,000yen〜

“Otooshi” is served as an appetizer for everyone. This is included a table charge.

Course meal

  • In season ingredients combo

In season ingredients combo


Side dish・Squid-sashimi・Sashimi・Soup・Grilled meal・Steamed meal・Fried meal・small bowle meal・Rice・Ice cream

It is a multi-course meal that uses plenty of seasonal ingredients. Here, we prepare fresh fish and squid on the spot to enjoy delicious seafood.
※Contents are subject to change depending on ingredients, season, etc.

  • Iki beef Shabu-Shabu combo (marbled beef)

Iki beef Shabu-Shabu combo (marbled beef)


Side dish・Hot pot・Rice porridge

Here you can enjoy Iki beef (marbled) luxuriously. The vegetables can be shabu-shabu together, making it a nice pot for women. It is a course where you can enjoy the dashi soup from meat and vegetables as a closed porridge.

store information

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まる辰 Marutatsu

Open: 9:30 am
Close: 10:30 pm
Sun closed.
Free Wi-Fi
There are two smoking areas.
cashless:paypay credit card(JCB、MasterCard、VISA、AMEX)

〒811-5135 47 Nonoura, Gonoura-cho, Iki-shi, Nagasaki


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